Helena González


Helena González is a Cinematographer from Barcelona and based in London. From an early age, she showed a special interest in writing stories and in the world of art and photography. Alongside her parents, both painters and art teachers, Helena traveled to many places in Europe. Always with a video camera in hand, these were her first experiences of capturing the world around her.

Already having a strong interest in cinema, when Helena was fifteen, she became fascinated by the world that takes place on the other side of the lens. She discovered the role of the cinematographer and what this meant. From that moment on she knew what she wanted to be. She studied Audiovisual Media at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and completed a postgraduate degree in Cinematography at ECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona). She went on to work as a camera assistant, and shot many short films as cinematographer - one of which, “Lacrimosa”, was selected by the AEC (Spanish Association of Cinematographers) to represent Spain at the IMAGO 2019 awards in the student category.

In 2020 Helena was accepted onto the NFTS MA Cinematography, allowing her to pursue her desire to live abroad, expand her horizons and to continue learning. Helena is currently in her second year and will graduate in December 2022.

In all her projects, Helena devotes herself to the director’s idea end-to-end. She deeply believes that a cinematographer needs to be involved in every way possible, and be fully engaged with the project and the final result. This implies understanding the director’s idea in all its details, and, furthermore, trying to understand not only how the director sees the story, but also how every other single department sees it.

Helena is a cinematographer who learns from what she sees and what she experiences, from the light entering the windows in her home in a family moment, or in a café when she is meeting friends, or on a train when commuting. She observes what happens and changes around her and she captures it with her camera— just in case she might need it for her next project.